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Cuisine. Fare. Chow. Fuel. FOOD. I love it. I am always thinking about it. When I wake up in the morning before I prepare breakfast, I am thinking about what I will be making for dinner that night (if not already planned ahead of time!) Craig gets frustrated with me, because he’s sipping his first cuppa-coffee and I’m asking him about what sounds good for supper. 

I love most everything about food. I love to plan, play with, and prepare new dishes. Although it is fun to go out to a restaurant, I’d much rather prepare our own meals at home; mostly for two reasons: One, if I am cooking, I know precisely what goes into it, and Two, I have an amazing kitchen (my dream kitchen, designed by yours truly when building our home) that makes it practical and fun. 

I very much enjoy both cooking and baking. I have many-a-fond memory of learning to do, and appreciate both from my Grandma and my Mama. My paternal Grandma, (whom I call G-ma) was an outstanding baker. She was the epitome of a Grandma in both physical appearance and talents. My great-grandparents hailed from Austria, so my G-ma learned from her Mutter all there was about European/German baked goods. My Daddy loves to bake as well, thanks to her, so we keep her memory alive by doing what she did in the kitchen and honoring her. 

My Mama, on the other hand hates to bake, but she is a master in the kitchen. She missed her calling to be a professional, that’s for sure! She taught me at a young age the importance of a good, balanced, and oh-so flavorful meal.

I am quite picky about what goes into my food. Real food comes from real ingredients. Fruits, vegetables, grains… if you can grow it, it should be good enough to eat. We don’t do chemicals. If we don’t know what it is, or how to pronounce it, it does’t end up in our tummy. We are obsessive label readers; less is more!

I am very passionate about responsible eating. Due to my love of animals and a distaste for most meat, I steer away from anything but free-range, organic, happy, pampered chickens and occasional wild-caught fish. I used to be a vegetarian for many, many years, and always play with the idea of doing it again or going full-on Vegan one day. But when being honest with myself, I LOVE chicken. I LOVE dairy and find nothing wrong with consuming those things IF done so responsibly. I refuse to support factory “farms” that mass produce animals for humans to consume. I refuse to support large dairy “farms” that never allow a cow to see the light of day, or keeping them pregnant at all times to take their milk; and after birthing a boy, disposing of him because he is not useful… Ok, ok, I will leave that soap-box topic for another post of its own.

Anyhoo, my plans for this section of my blog is to talk about anything relating to food. I have an infinite amount of recipes to share with the world. I have a plethora of kitchen gadgets and toys I like to share, along with tips and tricks. I am not only going to provide tasty delectables for humans, but also for our furry family members! And as a side note, whenever possible, I will include the Weight Watchers point value for meals/recipes. 

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