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Test On Humans. Not On Animals

rabbit-palm-hand-snatch-53966Animal testing. It makes less than zero sense to me why on God’s green Earth precious lil beings are having products for humans tested on them. If we need to know how something may affect a human, why, oh, why would we not be testing on HUMANS? There are plenty of bad humans wasting away in cells, why not put their ‘human-ness’ to good work?! Just sayin…

I am especially sensitive to testing on animals, because one of my babies is a Beagle. Did you know that Beagles are used in testing? Do you know why? Beacuse of their ‘totally-chill-you-can-do-anything-you-want-with-me-because-you-say-so’ demeanor, that’s why. It kills me to look into Charlie’s sweet auburn eyes and think what is being done to pups just like her. Then, do you know what happens to the angels after the evil humans are done with their “testing”? They kill them. They are no longer useful, so they are ‘destroyed’.

I have made it my mission in life to only support businesses/companies that refuse to conduct testing on animals. But, unfortunately it is just not good enough to look for ‘Not Tested On Animals’ on the labels; that is fine and dandy, but some companies, while claiming this, still sell their goods to China where animal testing is required by law!! This means large American and European companies MUST have their products tested before being sold to the Chinese cosmetics market. This market was worth over $26 BILLION last year and rapidly rising! The almighty dollar is more attractive to these companies than the lives of innocent creatures. Heartbreaking.

We, as individuals can’t change the world by ourselves. If everyone began the transition from supporting testing companies to animal-friendly ones we could end it all together. And you know what? Natural, animal loving products are a whole-heck-of-a-lot better than their counterpart anyway! Do good for yourself AND for other beings!

I have dedicated an entire section of my blog to this subject! I will focus on, and give kudos to companies we are proud to give our hard-earned money to. Everything from cosmetics and toiletries, to cleaning goods and household items. Doing good, feels good!!!

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