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I love the idea of subscription boxes. I began monthly subscriptions with two beauty boxes years ago when the concept was new. I always looked so forward to the next one arriving in my mailbox to find my new favorite brand. Over time, however they began to disappoint me. The items in the boxes became smaller and smaller ‘sample-sized’ products. (Sephora handed out larger samples than what I was paying for in my box!) So, I cancelled them both. I gave a couple boxes as gifts to others, but never started up for myself again until…

I stumbled upon, what I hope to be the Holy Grail of subscription boxes  – LOVE GOODLY! LOVE GOODLY is my kinda box! They offer Eco Friendly, Non-Toxic and Vegan, beauty, personal care, health & wellness, accessories and style products in their boxes while supporting causes like, Farm Sanctuary, Beagle Freedom Project and Cure Cervical Cancer. I was so excited to sign-up and was very hopeful in what I would get for the bi-monthly membership cost of $29.95. Unfortunately for me, I learned about LOVE GOODLY just after the last box ship date had passed, so I was forced to wait until June. Well, guess what arrived in my mailbox today?! Yup! And I was like a little kid on Christmas dying to see what was inside! Eeeeeep!

I have been putting off buying much needed mascara and a fun summer shade of nail polish in hopes one or both would be in my monthly box, since I had NO idea what I’d be getting; I even avoided cheating by looking online… Anyhoo, today I am posting what I received along with my initial impression. I will then update and give my Biscuit review after I have tried each of the products.


Description and list of each item included in the June/July box supporting Farm Sanctuary:


Fred + Far Trillion Pin

I have never heard of this company before, nor am I familiar with the self-love movement, but hey, sounds good to me!


Gemtye Custom Heart Bracelet and Hair Tie

This is cute. Aaaand it’s turquoise so it’ll definitely be worn. My hair is no where near long enough to need a fancy hair tie, but just in case, I may have one on my wrist! When I did have long hair I just never felt a scrunchie was a fashionable accessory, so this would’ve looked lovely while also coming in handy!


New Chapter Perfect Hair, Skin & Nails

Who doesn’t want healthy hair and nails while also supporting skin elasticity?! Sure, I’m on board!


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick in Poppy

First of all, I LOVE lip stuff (stick, gloss, balm) so I was excited when first seeing this. The packaging is lovely and it smells like pomegranate which is yummy, but GOOD LAWD! This color scares the ba-jeebers outta me! Um… I’m thinking this will be given to a gal with more guts and a brighter white smile than I have. Boo-Hoo. (It does goes quite nicely with my current nail polish color though!)


Faby Nail Polish in Hula Hoop Pink

YES! A polish! Woo Hoo!! Commence Happy Dance… AND it is a color I will actually wear! Not blue or white or some other god-awful-less-than-flattering-shade! 99.9% of the time I sport red of various shades, so this pink will be fun! It’s actually prettier in person than the photo depicts. It is kind of a corally-pink shade that I think will look nicely on my warm skin-tone.


Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Liquid in Lovecraft

Now we’re talkin!! Other than the nail polish, I am super excited about this!! I’ve heard amazing things about this lip..stick? lip…gloss? Either is great! It claims to be ‘life-proof’, so I am anxious to give it a whirl; and again the color is gorgeous! Kind of a nudeish-mauve. I’m a fan of Kat, so this will be fun!


So. Six items, with all but one(?!) full sized. I am very excited about this box! My only hope going forward would be to have products sent to me that would go with my beauty style/skin tone; perhaps more customized to my individual taste and look. Luckily, the two items I am most thrilled about WILL work for me! That one lipstick is the only bummer… Now, off to Ulta I go to get myself some lash-coating magic!

**The lovely ladies at LOVE GOODLY have NO idea who I am. I paid for this box with my own $$ and all opinions and impressions are my own candid thoughts.


One thought on “My First LOVE GOODLY Box

  1. This box sounds great! We only have one fully vegan beauty box based in the UK which they send out quarterly called Vegan Kind but I’ve been loving that! The liquid lipstick shade they’ve sent you is gorgeous! 🙂


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