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The Kate E. Kat Tales


Our furry kids are special. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure; every parent believes their kid is special. But really, ours are. Like, more than special. Extraordinary, really. Especially our kitty siblings, Katie and Henry. They may be classified as felines, but believe you me, they are really made from the canine, primate (chimpanzee perhaps), marsupial and homosapien-species-cloth. They do things and act like no other kitties I’ve ever seen, nor anyone that has ever met them has witnessed from another cat. Sure, they lounge around, prowl, purr, and knead biscuits (BISCUITS!!) like the best of ’em, but they also have talents & traits found in all the species named above.

Because Katie and Henry and so stinkin’ exceptional, I have decided to share them (well, not THEM, but their silliness) with all the world!! I am currently working on The Kate E. Kat Tales, a You Tube channel, that will feature episodes starring Katie (Kate E.), Henry, Lillie, Pennie, Charlie & Daphnie and showcase all of their amusing shenanigans.

Kate E Kat Emoticon

This is a project I am trying my darnedest to complete, but it has taken longer than I had initially hoped, to roll out. I started putting The Kate E. Kat Tales (TKEKT) together on my Dell laptop and found that the PC was just not gonna cut it in terms of producing a quality show that would capture the interest of others. My Ah-May-Zing husband surprised me with a Mac desktop computer, which has completely changed the game in regards to my creative and artistic capabilities. So, I am in the process (along with all my other millions of projects and work duties) of attending Udemy courses on iMovie production, cinematography and photography. I am a perfectionist; a do-it-right-the-first-time kinda gal, and nothing half-assed will suffice, soooo with that being said, TKEKT WILL be premiering soon, just not a quickly as I would have hoped. In the meantime, I invite one and all to view the trailer for The Kate E. Kat Tales and ask, no beg, that you give it a ‘thumbs-up’ and subscribe to the channel; it’d be very much appreciated!!

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