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Out With The Old; In With The New & Improved

2018. Hello, you sweet thing you. I’ve been waiting for you…

You (my dear followers) likely don’t know me well enough (yet) to know that the number 18 is my number. My favorite, go-to, always-will-choose-no-matter-what number. I actually like all numbers that contain an ‘8’, but 18 is the best. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of 2018 as spectacularly big things will happen in my favorite-numbered year…

2017 was a bit chaotic. A grand thing called LIFE got in the way of my ability to write; however, LIFE in 2017 has given me plenty of topics to write about! Biscuits & Bellyrubs is no longer my hobby in 2018. It is no longer going to be put on the back burner, that may eventually get touched if I can find the time; no no. Not any longer. Biscuits & Bellyrubs is my “job”. It is my passion and my joy; it is me. Biscuits & Bellyrubs the blog is just the beginning, or rather the intro to an empire!! I do hope you will join me…

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