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Update: Deo For My B-O

Although we had, to the best of our knowledge at the time, been living cruelty-free in mostly all facets of our life, it wasn’t until we became more educated on what that actually meant; it was then we decided to completely, 100% dedicate ourselves to a full-on vegan lifestyle. With that, we learned that being cruelty-free does not mean vegan. So, products that are labeled cruelty-free still may contain animal products/ingredients. It’s amazing how animal ingredients are hidden under different names or labels! It’s bananas! Wait, I believe bananas are only consumed by animals and aren’t actually made from animals…

So, now we must take label reading to a whole new level!

Some time ago I wrote a post about finding the perfect deodorant; if you remember, it was quite a process! Well wouldn’t ya know it… the world’s most lovely CRUELTY-FREE deodorant is NOT vegan! Really?!? Nope! Unfortunately it contains cera bellina wax aka, Beeswax. Ugh.  With this discovery, I had been forced to look for not just a great cruelty-free deodorant that actually worked, now I have to find a great one that is also vegan!

I did a bit of research and review reading and found Primal Pit Paste. The best thing about this product is that it is handcrafted right down the road in Austin!! I love finding a great vegan product and especially love finding it comes from, and made in my home state!

When thinking about deodorant, I think we all picture a stick applicator, right? And although Primal offers a stick option, it is not vegan; their vegan formula is in a jar. I thought to myself, how the heck would this be applied?! Your fingers? A cake spatula? Fingertips. Scoop out a pea-sized amount and spread in each of your pits. Hmm… this is… interesting.

Browsing the flavors (scents), I found it was difficult to narrow it down to one to try first. I went ahead and chose Orange Creamsicle. I thought this sounded the most appetizing at the time.



Now, I have only been using this for a short time, but I love the scent. It smells heavenly in the jar. I have not noticed a scent after it’s been put on, which is fine. The texture is nice. I thought it may be grainy, but it really is not. It goes on, and spreads quite smoothly on the skin. I also have not noticed any sort of residue. Even with wearing a black bra. It seems to be fully absorbed quite quickly. The true test will be during the summer when temps get hot enough to actually need deodorant. I will wait to give my full impression after I’ve tested it fully.

I wanted to note that when first starting out using a natural deodorant, after using a conventional product, there is a detox period. Primal sells most of their deodorants on three levels based on skin/sweat sensitivity and whether this would be your first natural deodorant, as well as some detox assistance products. Because I have been using natural products for some time, and know I don’t really suffer from the usage of baking soda, I ordered a Level 2 jar, which is what most people use. I don’t sweat a lot, so can’t really imagine needing to bump up to a 3 which is the maximum level.

I really hope I love this as much as I loved Native Deodorant. I wrote an email to Native letting them know how sad and disappointed I was having to discontinue my usage and cancelling my subscription, and asked that they please consider a vegan-friendly formula.


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Deo For My B-O

Let’s talk about pits. No, not canines this time, but rather ARM PITS! That silly lil crevice that we must keep groomed and tidy and always smelling fresh; because no one wants the aroma of Taco Bell in the morning wafting through the air as you stroll by!! Eek gads NO!!

I am very self conscience of what I smell like, and it must always be delicious! (Duh!) I am a freak for fragrance. I just love scents in general. I just love sense of smell…  Before I don the most magnificent perfume, or smell-good as I refer to it as, I address the underarm situation. I use the Deo(dorant) for my B-O (Body Odor).

I am not really one that sweats a whole lot, or “glisten” as some girls say; I suppose if I am working in the yard on a super muggy day, yeah, I will perspire, but don’t really have a pit-stain issue, if ya know what I mean!?

Since becoming fully aware of animal testing, one of the first things I replaced was my deodorant. I had stopped using anti-perspirants some time ago when the concern of cancer arose, and again, since I don’t sweat a lot, I never really missed it or even noticed at all.

I have been on a quest to find THE BEST natural deodorant stick and believe I just may have discovered THE BEST one; I also tried out some real doozies along the way.  It took me three tries; the fourth, in this case was the charm! I shall give my impression on each and every one that I have tried over the last several months, and reveal both the pros  and cons to each one. Just because one brand did not work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you! However,  I do believe the one that I have come to LOVE will work for EVERYONE!!!

Ok, so here goes –

First I tried out Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant – Lavendar + Sage ($8.99 from


Now, the scent is nice. It is a bit heavy, as I could smell it all day over my perfume, but not gaggy. The thing about this stick is it is very hard and dry. Before applying, you must place the stick under your arm (in your pit) to warm it up before swiping. Not really a HUGE issue, but the texture is different. Not… soft or smooth. My biggest issue with this brand, (and the same held true for The Mr.) is that over time it burned our skin! Like, badly. It created a rash, and then felt as though we had constant razor burn under our arms, which is so highly unpleasant and made it so we had to discontinue use of not just this product, but deodorant in general until our pits healed! No bueno.

I rate it highly on the fact that it is Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free, and also the scent of both mine and The Mr.’s was nice, but have to be honest on how it worked for ME, so, I give it :


2 Biscuits

Next one I tried, and was hopeful about, was Jason Pure Natural Deodorant Stick – Nourishing Apricot ($5.99 from H-E-B)


I have used Jason products in the past, in fact they were my favorite go-to when I had my first job at Vitamin Cottage back in the 90’s, as the apricot smell is heavenly! This product… well, it not only disappointed me (other than the smell, which is still heavenly!) it was horrible! No good, terrible, awful!!! I could have put nothing under my arms, gone into a sauna, ate a bushel of garlic and come out smelling better than when using this!! I am not sure if it is my body’s chemistry and this product didn’t mesh or what, but it was BAD!! The texture was better than Schmidt’s, and it did not cause a burn, but overall, no thank you! I will give it a single biscuit, ONLY because the stick smells good. Perhaps it could be used solely as aromatherapy…

I actually contacted Jason and inquired about this individual product, thinking perhaps it was a bad batch(?!) and that I had nothing but great things to say about their other body products and I got, and still have not, received a single response! So, buh-bye Jason! I love that you are a Cruelty-Free, animal-loving company, but I will spend my money elsewhere.


1 Biscuit (because I can’t cut one in half)


After that less than stellar experience, I was still on a mission to find a good deodorant stick. Another natural brand I am big fan of is Tom’s of Maine. I love, love, LOVE their toothpaste, and so thought I would give their deodorant a go. I was super thrilled that Tom’s has a powder scent. I love the smell of baby powder; it’s so fresh and so clean! So, I was hopeful about Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant – Natural Powder ($4.27 from H-E-B)


I liked this deodorant. I do believe it works, and I adore the scent, however, the texture of this one is far too ‘wet’. It feels like a liquid while applying, and I find it messy. Since it is so wet, it easily rubs off on your shirt or bra. It would be tolerable if it dried after application, but the biggest problem is, is that it does not. It still feels wet all day long. It’s really unfortunate especially because the price is totally reasonable! Again, I liked it, but that was a huge drawback for me, because while wearing a tight sleeve, the deodorant, not sweat, seeped through my top causing the wet pit effect – YUCK!



3 Biscuits

I am beginning to feel like this is a Goldilocks and the Three Bears kind of scenario. Could there be an ‘Ah, just right!!!’ natural deodorant?!? Well, I was not about to give up!

I did what I do best – extensive research into the situation; which, by the way is what I thought I did initially. That is how I learned about Schmidt’s, so I dug even further and found:

Native Deodorant – Coconut & Vanilla AND Apricot & White Peach (seasonal) ($12.00 from



This, my friends is IT! The holy grail of delicious-smelling, dry and SOFT pits!!! This deodorant makes me dance a happy jig!! It is glorious, and so worth the price!! Yippee!!!

I first ordered (a couple months ago) the Coconut & Vanilla scent. That just screamed summer to me; and it was the top-rated scent for women. After I placed my order, directly from their website, I got the most clever and creative confirmation email message. It made my day! I won’t give deets, because you’ll see for yourself when you order! At the time I received my special package in the mail, I was not writing my blog, so I did not capture images of the box opening… Fast-Forward to usage. I knew right outta the gate this was going to be the one for me. The scent was incredible, the application was smooth; moisturizing even. Less is more, so it lasts a good amount of time and best of all, No sweat! No stink! No staining! No need for re-application throughout the day! It’s fantastic! Every day I have happy (and healthy!) armpits! I used up my entire stick and needed more! So, I thought I would give another scent a whirl and see if it was as good experience as the first (Native offers Free Shipping AND Free Returns), so I opted for one of their seasonal offerings, Apricot & White Peach, which, is just as good as the first!! The Apricot & White Peach scent is ever so slightly lighter than the Coconut & Vanilla. Enough that you can still get a whiff of it periodically, but not so overpowering that it is the only fragrance you can smell. I suggest you get it before it is gone!! Also, if you think $12.00 is a lot to spend on perfect pits, I have a money-saving tip! Native offers a subscription program that will reduce the cost to $10.00/stick if you sign-up for a subscription! It’s good all the way around!!

5 Biscuits

**End of blog post disclaimer: None of these companies/brands know of, or have ever heard of lil ol’ me. I get paid nothing for my honest impressions; monetary or otherwise.

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I love the idea of subscription boxes. I began monthly subscriptions with two beauty boxes years ago when the concept was new. I always looked so forward to the next one arriving in my mailbox to find my new favorite brand. Over time, however they began to disappoint me. The items in the boxes became smaller and smaller ‘sample-sized’ products. (Sephora handed out larger samples than what I was paying for in my box!) So, I cancelled them both. I gave a couple boxes as gifts to others, but never started up for myself again until…

I stumbled upon, what I hope to be the Holy Grail of subscription boxes  – LOVE GOODLY! LOVE GOODLY is my kinda box! They offer Eco Friendly, Non-Toxic and Vegan, beauty, personal care, health & wellness, accessories and style products in their boxes while supporting causes like, Farm Sanctuary, Beagle Freedom Project and Cure Cervical Cancer. I was so excited to sign-up and was very hopeful in what I would get for the bi-monthly membership cost of $29.95. Unfortunately for me, I learned about LOVE GOODLY just after the last box ship date had passed, so I was forced to wait until June. Well, guess what arrived in my mailbox today?! Yup! And I was like a little kid on Christmas dying to see what was inside! Eeeeeep!

I have been putting off buying much needed mascara and a fun summer shade of nail polish in hopes one or both would be in my monthly box, since I had NO idea what I’d be getting; I even avoided cheating by looking online… Anyhoo, today I am posting what I received along with my initial impression. I will then update and give my Biscuit review after I have tried each of the products.


Description and list of each item included in the June/July box supporting Farm Sanctuary:


Fred + Far Trillion Pin

I have never heard of this company before, nor am I familiar with the self-love movement, but hey, sounds good to me!


Gemtye Custom Heart Bracelet and Hair Tie

This is cute. Aaaand it’s turquoise so it’ll definitely be worn. My hair is no where near long enough to need a fancy hair tie, but just in case, I may have one on my wrist! When I did have long hair I just never felt a scrunchie was a fashionable accessory, so this would’ve looked lovely while also coming in handy!


New Chapter Perfect Hair, Skin & Nails

Who doesn’t want healthy hair and nails while also supporting skin elasticity?! Sure, I’m on board!


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick in Poppy

First of all, I LOVE lip stuff (stick, gloss, balm) so I was excited when first seeing this. The packaging is lovely and it smells like pomegranate which is yummy, but GOOD LAWD! This color scares the ba-jeebers outta me! Um… I’m thinking this will be given to a gal with more guts and a brighter white smile than I have. Boo-Hoo. (It does goes quite nicely with my current nail polish color though!)


Faby Nail Polish in Hula Hoop Pink

YES! A polish! Woo Hoo!! Commence Happy Dance… AND it is a color I will actually wear! Not blue or white or some other god-awful-less-than-flattering-shade! 99.9% of the time I sport red of various shades, so this pink will be fun! It’s actually prettier in person than the photo depicts. It is kind of a corally-pink shade that I think will look nicely on my warm skin-tone.


Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Liquid in Lovecraft

Now we’re talkin!! Other than the nail polish, I am super excited about this!! I’ve heard amazing things about this lip..stick? lip…gloss? Either is great! It claims to be ‘life-proof’, so I am anxious to give it a whirl; and again the color is gorgeous! Kind of a nudeish-mauve. I’m a fan of Kat, so this will be fun!


So. Six items, with all but one(?!) full sized. I am very excited about this box! My only hope going forward would be to have products sent to me that would go with my beauty style/skin tone; perhaps more customized to my individual taste and look. Luckily, the two items I am most thrilled about WILL work for me! That one lipstick is the only bummer… Now, off to Ulta I go to get myself some lash-coating magic!

**The lovely ladies at LOVE GOODLY have NO idea who I am. I paid for this box with my own $$ and all opinions and impressions are my own candid thoughts.


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Test On Humans. Not On Animals

rabbit-palm-hand-snatch-53966Animal testing. It makes less than zero sense to me why on God’s green Earth precious lil beings are having products for humans tested on them. If we need to know how something may affect a human, why, oh, why would we not be testing on HUMANS? There are plenty of bad humans wasting away in cells, why not put their ‘human-ness’ to good work?! Just sayin…

I am especially sensitive to testing on animals, because one of my babies is a Beagle. Did you know that Beagles are used in testing? Do you know why? Beacuse of their ‘totally-chill-you-can-do-anything-you-want-with-me-because-you-say-so’ demeanor, that’s why. It kills me to look into Charlie’s sweet auburn eyes and think what is being done to pups just like her. Then, do you know what happens to the angels after the evil humans are done with their “testing”? They kill them. They are no longer useful, so they are ‘destroyed’.

I have made it my mission in life to only support businesses/companies that refuse to conduct testing on animals. But, unfortunately it is just not good enough to look for ‘Not Tested On Animals’ on the labels; that is fine and dandy, but some companies, while claiming this, still sell their goods to China where animal testing is required by law!! This means large American and European companies MUST have their products tested before being sold to the Chinese cosmetics market. This market was worth over $26 BILLION last year and rapidly rising! The almighty dollar is more attractive to these companies than the lives of innocent creatures. Heartbreaking.

We, as individuals can’t change the world by ourselves. If everyone began the transition from supporting testing companies to animal-friendly ones we could end it all together. And you know what? Natural, animal loving products are a whole-heck-of-a-lot better than their counterpart anyway! Do good for yourself AND for other beings!

I have dedicated an entire section of my blog to this subject! I will focus on, and give kudos to companies we are proud to give our hard-earned money to. Everything from cosmetics and toiletries, to cleaning goods and household items. Doing good, feels good!!!