Arff, Meow, Chirp!! I am cuckoo-cuckoo for creatures of all shapes & sizes! Here you will find everything and anything animal related. Whether it be the silly antics of our half-a-dozen-plus-two kids, reviews on products I find suitable for them, or just me jabbering about animals in general.

Product Impressions/Reviews will be rated on a Biscuit scale Bone, from 1 to 5 biscuits.

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For The Love Of All Creatures Great & Small (6/6/2017) - Arff, Meow, Chirp, Moo!! I am cuckoo-cuckoo for creatures!!
The Kate E. Kat Tales (6/20/2017) -   Our furry kids are special. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure; every parent believes their kid is special. But really, ours are. Like, more than special. Extraordinary, really. Especially our kitty siblings, Katie and Henry. They may be classified as felines, but believe you me, they are really made from the canine, primate (chimpanzee perhaps), marsupial […]