I am a tenacious advocate for living a Cruelty-Free lifestyle. In this section, I will be promoting the support of products and companies that pride themselves in never using any animal products or testing on animals of any kind.

Product Impressions/Reviews will be given on a Biscuit scale Bone, from 1 to 5 biscuits.

Recent Posts

Test On Humans. Not On Animals (6/7/2017) - Animal testing makes ZERO sense to me.
My First LOVE GOODLY Box (6/8/2017) - I love the idea of subscription boxes. I began monthly subscriptions with two beauty boxes years ago when the concept was new. I always looked so forward to the next one arriving in my mailbox to find my new favorite brand. Over time, however they began to disappoint me. The items in the boxes became […]
Deo For My B-O (8/3/2017) - Let’s talk about pits. No, not canines this time, but rather ARM PITS! That silly lil crevice that we must keep groomed and tidy and always smelling fresh; because no one wants the aroma of Taco Bell in the morning wafting through the air as you stroll by!! Eek gads NO!! I am very self […]
Update: Deo For My B-O (2/22/2018) - Although we had, to the best of our knowledge at the time, been living cruelty-free in mostly all facets of our life, it wasn’t until we became more educated on what that actually meant; it was then we decided to completely, 100% dedicate ourselves to a full-on vegan lifestyle. With that, we learned that being […]