A good biscuit should create a hearty bellyrub. Here you will find all things related to edibles. Cooking, baking, recipes, kitchen gadgets, etc. I stand firmly in favor of responsible eating habits.

Food/Recipes will be rated on a Paw-Bellyrub scale Paw of 1 to 5 bellyrubs according to the satisfaction level.

Recent Posts

Food. (6/6/2017) - Cuisine. Fare. Chow. Fuel. FOOD. I love it.
My G-ma’s Waffles (6/10/2017) - This is my G-ma’s recipe for waffles; it is by far the best I’ve ever come across. Perfect for weekend breakfast, brunch or a sweet supper!
Vegetarian Quinoa Enchilada Bake (6/14/2017) - I love to find or create recipes that are an all-in-one meal; meaning, they are so hearty they need no side dish. This is one that is really tasty and easy enough for a weeknight. It can easily be altered to make more or less spicy. Add chopped jalapeños to be sautéed with onion and […]
Initial Impression: Power Air Fryer XL Pro (6/22/2017) - I am not overly fond of fried foods. Too much grease nauseates me; however, the fried foods I do like, I like a whole lot… fried chicken, doughnuts, cheese curds, french fries… mmmm nom nom. I have a gazillion kitchen toys (utensils, gadgets and appliances) and am always anxious to try out the next latest […]
Mac & Cheeze, Please! (1/10/2018) - I have been in the midst of writing a post on a completely different subject, but placed that particular one on hold to give an impression on a pretty important topic. This cannot wait; it must be done immediately! What possibly could be so important, you ask? The subject: Macaroni and Cheese, or rather, Mac […]
True Love Sweet Treats n’ Tats (2/20/2018) - For the Mr. and I, we are the ultra sappy couple that believes everyday is Valentine’s Day, and therefore do not really partake in the actual holiday, Hallmark style. HOWEVER, this year, we did get matching ♥Love♥ tattoos to commemorate and celebrate our Love (cue the (non-dairy) cheesy Michael Bolton music). I could certainly dedicate […]
Recipe: Peanut Noodles With Vegetables (2/23/2018) - I want to share one of our very favorite meals. It is quick and easy to make, and only takes a few staple ingredients you likely have in your pantry/fridge/freezer. Peanut Noodles With Vegetables. 5 out of 5 bellyrubs This is really a go-to for us, especially on nights that I know The Mr. will […]




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