Other than my complete obsession with animals and edibles, I love entertainment (total music freak), photography, home decor, fashion, crafts, cleaning, organization and gardening.

Products/Projects will be rated on a Biscuit & Paw-Bellyrub (Bone & Paw) scale from 1 to 5 based on a thumbs-up and satisfaction level.

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My First LOVE GOODLY Box (6/8/2017) - I love the idea of subscription boxes. I began monthly subscriptions with two beauty boxes years ago when the concept was new. I always looked so forward to the next one arriving in my mailbox to find my new favorite brand. Over time, however they began to disappoint me. The items in the boxes became […]
What You Eat In Private, You Wear In Public (6/21/2017) - Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. -Kate Moss Food. It is no secret that I love food. I am, however very choosy in what I consume. Not necessarily picky, (ok, perhaps it could be said that I am picky) but I do my best to make good decisions when it comes to food; both […]
Initial Impression: Power Air Fryer XL Pro (6/22/2017) - I am not overly fond of fried foods. Too much grease nauseates me; however, the fried foods I do like, I like a whole lot… fried chicken, doughnuts, cheese curds, french fries… mmmm nom nom. I have a gazillion kitchen toys (utensils, gadgets and appliances) and am always anxious to try out the next latest […]
Summer Staycation (7/14/2017) - I have been MIA for the last little bit. Well, actually, not really missing in the literal sense, but rather my desk chair has been missing me and me missing it. The Mr. took some time off work and we decided to partake in a very much needed Staycation. It was glorious! It was so […]